Order management and the finished product, Work with us

In recent years CLL has developed several studies to define new market requirements.

It was found that developments in our industry call for speed and efficiency, and more;

Other issues raised:

  • Fastener response;
  • Searching alternative solutions;
  • Wide-ranging quotes;
  • Cutting-edge technologies;
  • Quality and availability of products;
  • Product certification;
  • Technical capabilities;

CLL is a guarantee for each one of these topics.

We offer our customers the chance to work with our technical department, not only receiving advice on our systems by telephone, but also by developing orders our customers can rely on, evaluating all possible solutions on an "ad hoc" basis.

CLL quotes are processed indicating the codes of the profiles of the chosen system and their quantity, any aluminium sheet accessories (hardware) and gaskets necessary for the manufacture of the door or window.

Whether it is the development of materials, or a request for a "finished product" such as PVC windows and doors, aluminium shutters or other items, CLL offers constantly evolving professionalism, experience and a dynamic team spirit.

With CLL you have the freedom to express your ideas and see them realized in tangible projects.

Quotes for order management and finished products can be requested in this section, e-mail: preventivi@tecnocll.it

To ensure emails are received, we recommend sending attachments of a maximum of 6 MB.

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