Architectural firms

Architectural firms

From synergies with the largest national and overseas architectural firms, some of our more famous systems - which are CLL show-pieces - have been patented and certified by the Istituto Giordano, an organization recognized at a European level:

    for thermal break armoured doors and windows;
    for thermal break aluminium-wood doors and windows, ideally suited to cold climates.
    Lift-and-slide system for doors and windows with large glazed wings.

Major national architectural firms that work on an ongoing basis with CLL includes:

  • LPArchitecture & Partners – Milan (MI)
  • P & G. Cugini Lanzani – Meda (MB)
  • Perani & Partners – Milan (MI)

We work with the following international firms:

  • Cabinet Etudes et Realisations Louis Sorridente – Saint Paul de Vence (France)
  • Galerie Joseph Karam – Paris (France)
  • Architect Daniel Allione – Beaulieu sur Mer (France)

CLL can also boast the participation of a renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano at a Meeting Workshop held at the CLL head offices.
He took part as keynote speaker during the workshop, illustrating the new architectural techniques from a knowledgeable and undeniably creative perspective, giving an unconventional expression of contemporary design based on his experience.

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