UNI 11673: towards parts 2 e 3

UNI 11673:  towards parts 2 e 3
 In recent weeks, the Technical Commission UNI/CT 033/GL 12 "Windows, doors, shutter and related accessories", worked on the new Parts 2 and 3 of the UNI 11673 "Laying doors and windows", which should be pubished before summer.

After an intense bureaucratic process to complete the standard, UNI 11673 consists of four part:
  • Part 1: Design verification requirements and criteria (already published, see news)
  • Part 2: Non-regulated professional activities - Requirements of knowledge, skills and competences of window and door installers (approved but to be published)
  • Part 3: Minimum requirements for non-formal training activities for windows installers (approved but to be published)
  • Part 4: Verification of the execution of the installation of windows and doors (under study)
For part $ the works are still in progress but the achivement of the objective should encounter much less difficulties, since it focuses on the training of door manufacturers and windows must become more important than business.

This is because in recent years there have been a myriad of courses approved and certified by others bodies that have focused more on quality of training, courses designed and used to sell and not actually train.

Particular attention to point 6.1 of the standard thet specifies the main requirements that non-formal training activities must meet:
- indipendence, impartiality, transparency, competence and absence of conflicts of interest
- have within them or collaborate with a member of the sector of cadres of sectoral associations/federations rapresentative at national lavel, as indicated in the draft standard UNI 1604338 of the UNI 11673-3.

Behind this point there is the fact that the profession of window installer is one of the unregulated professions linked to the law 4/2013 "Provisioins concerrning unorganized professions", in wich the same law recognizes the role of guarantors of quality for the professional associations of the training process.
This, therefore, does not at all prevent the startup and/or management of self-financed courses.
After the revision of point 6.1 and other aspects related to the regualtion, it should be published between June and July.

Looking further ahead, once the regulatory of window for the profession of window and door installer has been consolidated, various avenues for professional certification are opened.
Among these the prospect of a certification of third party irganizations accredited by Accredia, as indeed happens for many other unregolated professional categories (they are now 175).
Among these there are also installers and maintainers of fire doors, fire doors and doors on escape routes, many of which are normal door and windows frames.
Within four years, stanting from the approval of the UNI 11473 standard, over 1500 operators took esteps to follow specific training courses for the profession, passinf final exam, with inclusion in the apeific list of Accredia.

[Source: Guidafinestra.it]

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