Photovoltaic applications

CLL soon made a name for itself in this sector.

Already a leader in semi-finished aluminium profiles, CLL has for several years now consolidated studies for the production of profiles for photovoltaic applications.

Given the numerous requests it has received, CLL stocks several profiles for the installation of photovoltaic panels on buildings with corrugated or flat roofing, with a highly competitive price/quality ratio compared to current markets.

The photovoltaic system involves directly converting solar radiation into electrical energy. Photovoltaic systems are an attractive option and promising in the medium and long term for both private and business use.
Applications can be configured to suit individual needs, as they are installed as a modular system, requiring only the number of modules needed to meet requirements.

No fuel or maintenance is necessary, other than that required for annual controls, and the systems are directly cleaned by the rain.

A decisive technical advantage of photovoltaic is that no moving parts or fluid circulation are necessary.

Another fact is that cumulative emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases throughout the life cycle of the photovoltaic system are significantly lower than those of fossil fuels in power generation systems.

CLL has always supported this principle and put it into practice, not only on its door and window production systems (saving its customers heating costs by providing products with high thermal insulation), but also by installing photovoltaic systems on the roofs of its warehouses.

It has installed a total of 3 partially integrated systems, comprising:

  • 1, 136.80 Kw system
  • 1, 198.72 Kw system
  • 1, 70.38 Kw system

Achieving a coverage exceeding 60 % of the available area..
Combining heat pumps with the photovoltaic system, CLL has revolutionized its own heating system, further lowering costs incurred.

An eco-friendly choice that CLL promotes and helps to achieve with its products.

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