MADE Expo 2019

MADE Expo 2019

This great event brought together over 90 thousand people, with 900 exhibitors spread over more than 47.500 square meters of exhibition space, with a 10% foreign presence: Made Expo obtained really important feedback for our country, for architecture and for the 'building.

The novelties of this edition have brought great enthusiasm especially for the events organized by GuidaFinestra and Il Serramento: issues of common interest to all of us have been brought to the fore by a stage in the center of pavilion 4.
Ecology, sustainability, comfort and innovation were the basis of the event and this proved to be a sign of success, with a 1.5% change in turnover (equal to 128 billion euros).

Also this year Made Expo was divided into 4 salons:
· Construction and Materials
· Casing and Doors
· Interior and Finishes
· Software, Technologies and Services

Within the pavilions, designers, companies, contractors, distributors and door and window manufacturers have found a wide range of innovative "high level" products for the construction industry.
The most important theme was certainly the Quality of Living, with a series of informative meetings that put face-to-face producers of any kind. Over 250 meetings for technical and cultural training at the conferences organized by BuildSMART, with the intervention of experts from different disciplines and big names in architecture such as Mario Cucinella, Renzo Piano BW, One Works and many others.

The conferences have focused, extremely, on the redevelopment of the company: eco bonus, earthquake bonus and green bonus, favoring and encouraging the preservation of the climate and the environment, enhancing urban regeneration and sustainable construction (Green).  

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