It is quite common to find a canopy over the entrances of residential homes, public buildings and shops that are particularly exposed to the elements.

For several years, this architectural accessory has changed from a simple functional object to a characteristic design feature of outdoor fixtures.

CLL offers the NEW ENTRY series, in collaboration with Royal Pat, for a perfect combination of:

  • Firmness and reliability;
  • Easy installation;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • Guaranteed quality of materials;
  • Quality and a sophisticated taste, in classic, liberty or modern style;

Certified system:

  • Snow load: up to 200 Kg/m²
  • Wind force: 100 Kg/m²
  • Salt spray resistance: 500 hours

The standard range of colours is available in 30 RAL finishes, and if none of these meet your needs, you can order your canopy in your favourite colour, from over 300 RAL colours.

NEW ENTRY canopies series gives you the possibility to customize your entrance in circumstances far from the ordinary;
You can make the most of each surface area, including corner surfaces!
The angle joint can be made from -90° (internal angle) to +90° (outer angle), to meet even the most demanding requirements.

NEW ENTRY canopies are well suited for particular installations such as under-balcony applications, down pipe passage, lateral wind/rain screens and are configured for drain pipes.

And if accidentally the cover breaks?
Not to worry, CLL can supply original NEW ENTRY spare parts, to make your canopy as good as new once again.

So, there is no need to give up quality and change.
CLL, the right choice. A choice you can rely on.

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